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The search function serves as a vital digital media channel primarily due to its capacity to capture high consumer intent, rendering it an indispensable element for any brand's marketing strategy.


According to statistic, there are over 17 million of smartphone users in Australia, that is about 70% of the population, and this will continue to grow. It is imperative for businesses to provide online presence which not only looks great and function flawlessly, but adaptable to different screen size of smartphones and desktop. Getting a […]

We can help you define your mobility needs, create a vision for mobilizing your organization’s processes and build a strategic road map to help your front-line become truly mobile. We are confident the benefits realized through enterprise mobility will lead to positive outcomes for our clients. We’re proud to be in partnership with Mobile Mentor […]

Infrastructure management is sometimes divided into categories of systems management, network management, and storage management. Infrastructure management products are available from a number of vendors including Hewlett-Packard,IBM, Lenovo and Microsoft. Among other purposes, infrastructure management seeks to: Although all business activities depend upon the infrastructure, planning and projects to ensure its effective management are typically […]

We specialise in technology infrastructure deployment. Our deployment services caters POS, servers, large scale storage devices, access points, telephone systems and cabling. We deploy nationally including remote and regional areas. We also provide services of deployment in NZ and the rest of the south pacific. From project initiation to completion our friendly team will provide […]